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5 Ways to Invest in a Debt Fund

Debt funds are top-rated due to the low-risk factor associated with them. The market’s instruments buy and sell loans for interest. Investors who don’t want to take risks prefer debt funds. Even though it is less risky than equity funds, the returns will also be lower. Before knowing about the 5 ways to invest in […]

What ROI Means in Layman’s Terms

This is What ROI Means in Layman’s Terms

ROI or return on investment is a metric that people use to know the profitability of an investment. To explain ROI in simple terms would mean that the metric compares how much you paid for investment with how much you earned. This helps to evaluate the efficiency of the investment. So, let’s see What ROI Means in […]

5 Best Investment Instruments Offering Highest ROI

Best Investment Instruments Offering Highest ROI

Investors know for a fact that they have an array of investment instruments at their disposal. They can invest in government-backed schemes such as EPF, NPS, and PPF. These are some of the safest and best investment instruments offering high ROI as they are supported by sovereign funds. Other than that, there are options such […]

10 Ways To Diversify Your Portfolio

10 way to diversify your portfolio

The collection of investments, work, and financial assets, and to diversify your portfolio you must include stocks, cash, cash equivalents, real estate, mutual funds, bonds, and other securities of a person or institution. It is a compilation of materials that illustrates or clarifies your beliefs, education skills, training, and experience with an example. It provides […]

What is the Share Price

To answer the question “What is the share price” we must understand a few things first, Share price or a stock cost is the sum it would cost to get one share in an organization. The cost of an offer isn’t fixed, yet fluctuates as per economic situations. It will probably increment if the organization […]