7 ICICI Best Mutual Funds for Monthly SIP

ICICI Best Mutual Funds for Monthly SIP

SIP or Systematic Investment Plan is a process of investing in mutual funds where investors can invest a fixed amount in the mutual fund scheme as per his/her choice at regular intervals. Many of you are investing in recurring deposits, in the same way, you can invest a fixed amount in mutual funds at regular intervals whether monthly in Best Mutual Funds for Monthly SIP or quarterly as SIP.         

SIP is preferred by people nowadays instead of investing a large amount at a time via lump sum mode. SIP gives the flexibility for Best ICICI Mutual Funds to invest smaller amounts regularly.  The term of the SIP plan may increase or decrease as per the convenience of the investors based on the type of the scheme. Well, the minimum limit is kept as  Rs. 500 by ICICI mutual funds SIP whereas the maximum limits of SIP are not set.

Why ICICI mutual funds are the Best Mutual Funds for Monthly SIP?

There can be diversified mutual funds but the features of ICICI mutual funds make them the Best Mutual Funds for Monthly SIP. Let’s have a look into that:

  • Cost-effective plans:  The well manageable SIP system associated with the mutual funds is a blessing for investors. One can plan the monthly income with such small investment plans.
  • Worthy ratings: The great rating of the ICICI mutual funds creates trust between the customers to invest in mutual funds for good return on investment.
  • Risk management: Here, the mutual funds are well crafted with high-quality risk management strategies.
  • Assortment of schemes: There are several schemes around 50  above as per the need of customers.

Best Mutual Funds for Monthly SIP on Demand

  1. ICICI Prudent Value Discovered  Fund Growth

It is the scheme that can be opted to get the returns via a combined effort of dividend income and capital rise by investing mainly in a different portfolio of value stocks. Value stocks are referred to as those that have an approaching valuation concerning earnings or current or future dividends.

ICICI Multi Cap Balance Fund 

The primary goal of the Best ICICI Mutual Funds scheme or fund is to provide double profit to the investors as a firm benefit of return and capital appreciation. As far as the fund relates, it covers the investment in the mixture of equity and equity securities of the mid-cap, large-cap, and small-cap companies with debut concerned tools. Even the funds include moderate risk factors on investment. It is one of the best funds for investors to gain long-term profit with the benefit of a solid return.

ICICI Prudential Infrastructure Fund Growth

The fund is to get the capital raised with the facility to distribute the income to unit holders by investing actively in equity or equity-related securities of the companies. These can be subjected to the infrastructural growth and balance in debt security with wealth market tools.  

ICICI Opportunity Fund

It is used for the long-term return hike-ups to the investors by investing in various portfolios of equity and equity-related securities.  It is one of the Best ICICI Mutual Funds for investors who believe in the high-risk capacity for a long period of wealth creation.

ICICI Maximixer Fund V

Here, the fund is an open invitation to generate long-term capital rise by investing proactively in equity and its related instruments of mid-cap and large-cap stocks. This fund is also for the investors who have the patience to high risk for long-term wealth over time.

ICICI Multi Cap Growth Fund

The fund is associated with a higher return by different active investments via a different portfolio of equity securities of small-cap, mid-cap, and large-cap companies. The fund holds a high-risk factor with it and can be the choice of investors who are seeking high investment returns over a long period.

ICICI Blue Chip Fund

It is the fund where the investments are in equity securities of large-cap companies and that can generate capital wealth over a long-term period for the investors. It also holds the risk associated with it but can be the choice of many to generate wealth.

Bottom Line

The Best Mutual Funds for Monthly SIP can trigger you to the investment plan that can have a higher return with capital appreciation over time. You should keep all the factors in front including your budget while choosing the Best ICICI Mutual Funds for wealth creation in the future.

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